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Heartfire Festival Returns to Naropa University

By Monera Mason, Community Manager & Master of Divinity student at Naropa University Heartfire Festival made its post-pandemic return to Naropa last month after a three-year hiatus. Naropa students, staff,

Mindfulness in Greek Tragedy

Naropa’s MFA Theater Cohort Stages Anne Carson’s ‘An Oresteia’ By Selena Milewski Photography by Tyler Rost and Jackquelyn Hilliker “Why does tragedy exist? Because you are full of rage. Why

The ‘Green Gaze’ at Naropa

In the Naropa Sustainability Department, we intend to coincide with the efforts of the Harvard University Center for the Study of World Religions by holding space for—and threshing out—the discussions regarding the place of wisdom traditions in collaborating and supporting of the eco-sustainability movement already upon us at our university.

Reestablishing Masculinity

By Anthony Gallucci, Naropa MA Religious Studies Student & Sustainability Co-Chair In the 21st century United States, the rise of the #metoo and the #blackwomynlivesmatter movements have revitalized the discussions,

The Black History Month that Changed the Game

If, perchance, there is another 500 or 1000 years of human habitation of this planet, and we are not at all assured there will be, February 2019 will go down in history as a pivotal year for black politics, culture, awareness, and excellence.

The Way of Tea

The second tea ceremony I attended was on campus here at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.  And that’s not really strange.  You should see some of the other amazing things that take place here (#silentdiscos, #DecolonizingThanksgiving, #Acroyoga, #Fridayhikes)!

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