Review: Discovering Generations of Thy Reincarnated Self

by Sophia Pumpkinstein, BA Visual Arts student
Kia Neill’s Exhibit Discovering Generations of Thy Reincarnated Self creates a world of fantasy with her portrayal of surreal movement that embodies the connection between nature and the human form. Her creations invoke a somatic experience with the whimsical structure she allows from her pieces.

The process of blending animal and human biology with a geological form brings a new experience to the perspective of decay into re-growth. Kia states, “Our bodies hold memories and faded thoughts that may no longer be apparent to us in our forefront, but do indeed impact the way our bodies and internal systems function.”

This captivating metamorphosis brings up the opportunity to look further within at our own energies while we experience the majestic view of fluid color, intricate pattern, and a fresh spacious form. These concepts will leave you with a fascination of Kia’s artistic vision.

This show is at Naropa University Paramita Gallery until October 27th. Gallery hours are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. You don’t want to miss it! For further information please visit her website at



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