Naropa Offers New Academic Scholarships


Naropa University is excited to announce two new, academic scholarships available for full-time students pursuing bachelor’s degrees.

The scholarships, the ‘Academic Achievement Scholarship’ and the ‘Academic Excellence Scholarship’ will be available to undergraduate students starting in the fall semester of 2017. The ‘Achievement’ scholarship awards at least $40,000 over the course of eight semesters, and the ‘Excellence’ scholarship awards at least $58,000 over the same time frame.

Both scholarships will be awarded based on students’ cumulative high school or college GPAs and are contingent upon confirmation of students’ final, official GPA. Once at Naropa, scholarship recipients must maintain a full-time schedule, remain in good academic standing, and complete aid application requirements prior to matriculation. The number of students who can qualify for these scholarships is not limited.

Learn more about Scholarship Qualifications/Requirements.

At Naropa, we strive to make contemplative education accessible to as many students as possible, and we are proud to support our most qualified students—the changemakers, and compassionate leaders of tomorrow—through merit-based scholarships. ')}


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