Colorado Trail Storm

This post is part of a series highlighting alums Erica Hocking and Sherry Gobaleza’s six-week pilgrimage on the Colorado Trail. Learn more about the pilgrimage here. They are asking people to give to Naropa in honor of their pilgrimage – all donations go towards scholarships for Naropa students.

Below, read the latest update from Erica & Sherry :

Evening storms pass over camp after visiting Cripple Creek on a side trip from the Colorado Trail.

We decided to go much more slowly, so Sherry could heal after being seriously ill the first day. This means driving to specific places along the route we feel especially called to, performing ritual and walking as much as feels safe to do. We have not given up the pilgrimage by any means!

Giving ourselves over to this process is humbling and amazing in so many ways.

Erica’s great grandfather had a mining claim in Cripple Creek, which was one of the reasons she wanted to walk, to contact the complex history/present of place.

In Cripple Creek, we talked to some local women who helped in our search for where Erica’s ancestor had lived and mined. We were overwhelmed with these women’s generosity of heart as well. They shared a lot of information about current mining issues, geology, and so on. One woman was concerned about where the local animals who inhabit the area would go as the seven square mile mine owned by Newmont continues to grow and effect the whole community.

We learn to think of community in new ways as we walk, nature is our source. Love to the land and all she gives!

PS: Sherry sends love today to Dale Asrael and Francis Kaklauskas! ')}