Travis Cox, PhD
Core Associate Professor
BA Environmental Studies, MA Ecopsychology
(303) 245-4740
Listen to "Ecopsychology & Psychedelics"
Doctor of Philosophy, Iowa State University / / Master of Arts, California Institute of Integral Studies / / Bachelor of Arts, Central College / /
BA Environmental Studies, MA Ecopsychology
PSYE600, Initiatory Contemplative Ecopsychology Intensive / PSYE630e, Transpersonal Psychology / PSYE650, Winter Ecopsychology Intensive I (2) / PSYE800e, Transpersonal Service Learning / PSYE850e, Master's Project I / PSYE780, Winter Ecopsychology Intensive II / PSYE890e, Master's Project II / ENV215, Sustainability / ENV318, Deep Ecology / ENV710, Sustainability: Practice and Policy / COR222, Regenerative Community in Action

Dr. Cox’s interests and research are about the intersections of social movements and social justice, education, metaphysics, environmental philosophy, agriculture, and deep sustainability. He has been studying consciousness throughout his career in academia, both as a student and as faculty. His interests in psychedelics are at the intersection of activism, philosophy, sustainability, and ecopsychology.

  • Cox, T. 2014. Transpersonal Agroecology: The Metaphysics of Alternative Agricultural Theory. Journal of Transpersonal Psychology. 46 (1): 35-57
  • Cox, T. 2014.Grafting Metaphysics: How Transpersonal Agroecology Bears Fruit with Process Metaphysics as its Root. Process Studies. 43 (2): 104-128
  • Cox, T. (2021). Humans are Humus: Using Ecopsychology to Highlight the Language of Dualism and the Promise of the Nondual. From Wright, J. (Ed.) Subtle Agroecologies: Farming With the Hidden Half of Nature. Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press.

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