Mark Brasuell
Core Assistant Professor
BA Visual Arts
MFA, University of Denver, 1989, Texas Tech University, 1987
BA Visual Arts
Painting / watercolor / mixed media / ECO Art / Sculpture / Life Drawing / Drawing / 2D Design / Art History / Sculpture

Mark’s life and artwork revolve around his own life and personal experience. He is a painter, sculptor, and multimedia artist. He uses energy, emotion, and a physicality in creating my artwork. Mark starts out with a vague idea about the emotional impact he want the piece to have, but rarely has any thought out plan of what the finished piece will look like. Letting his intuition, body movement, and emotional state guide the piece out of his mind and onto the canvas or drawing surface. He reserves all judgment until the final stages of the piece.
Brasuell was born in Texas and moved to Colorado in 1987. Tired of sandstorms, and wanting to live in a place that was beautiful and green. Mark is a founding member of EDGE Gallery and Tutors from his Studio in Denver. Brasuell has a BFA from Texas Tech University, and a Masters Degree from The University of Denver.

For the last several years he has focused on what he calls conceptual abstraction. It is based on color, action, and some personal and emotional “ideas” There is usually a background and foreground, vibrant and moody colors, and an occasional ghostly image or two. Wanting people to make up their own minds about exactly what these images are, but trying to point the viewer in a particular direction is his goal.. He wants people to enjoy his artwork and to see something new in the paintings every time they view them.

  • Colorado Abstract, Mary-Chandler and Michael Paglia,

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