Jordan Quaglia, PhD
Core Associate Professor, Research Director of CACE
BA Psychology, BA Psychology Online
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BA, Positive Organizational Leadership, University of Richmond / MA, Transpersonal Counseling Psychology, Naropa University / PhD, Experimental Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University
BA Psychology, BA Psychology Online
Introduction to Psychology / Research Methods and Statistics / Psychology and Neuroscience of Emotion / Cognitive Science / Contemplative Neuroscience / Naropa Mindful Compassion Training

Jordan Quaglia, PhD, is Associate Professor of Contemplative Psychology, Director of the Cognitive and Affective Science Laboratory (CASL), and Research Director of the center-for-the-advancement-of-contemplative-education (CACE) at Naropa University. Jordan has served as Panelist for multiple United Nations Day of Vesak conferences, Fellow and Senior Investigator for Mind and Life Summer Research Institute, and Contemplative Social Justice Scholar for Contemplative Mind in Society. His research, supported by funding from the Mind and Life Institute and John Templeton Foundation, has been featured in leading scientific journals and books, and relies on a range of tools, from neuroscientific measures to virtual reality, to study topics such as mindfulness, compassion, and lucidity.

  • Quaglia, J. T., Cigrand, C., Sallmann, H. (2021). Caring for you, me, and us: The lived experience of compassion in counselors. Psychotherapy.
  • Quaglia, J. T., Soisson, A., Simmer-Brown, J. (2020). Compassion for self versus other: A critical review of compassion training research. Journal of Positive Psychology.
  • Quaglia, J. T., Zeidan, F., Grossenbacher, P. G., Freeman, S. P., Braun, S. E., Martelli, A., Goodman, R. J., & Brown, K. W. (2019). Brief mindfulness training enhances cognitive control in socioemotional contexts: Behavioral and neural evidence. PLOS ONE.
  • For a complete list, see the Cognitive and Affective Science Laboratory website:

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