Jennifer Bacon, PhD

Adjunct Faculty
BA Creative Writing, BA Elementary Education, BA Psychology Online
Listen to "Sacred Activism & Educating the Whole Child"
PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, MEd in Special Education, BA in Human Development
BA Creative Writing, BA Elementary Education, BA Psychology Online
Sacred Activism: Antiracism, Social Justice, and Spirituality / Literacy II: Development of Oral and Written Language / Literacy III: Multicultural Children's Literature / Holistic Education / Writers Workshop: Writers in Community / Teaching the Exceptional Student in the General Education Classroom / Capstone II Mentor / Independent Study: Writing African American Narratives

Jennifer N. Bacon earned her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Maryland, College Park, and her MEd in Special Education from the University of Virginia. She is a Core Associate Professor in Education at Naropa University who has taught preschool-age children through graduate school domestically and abroad. She has also served as an Associate Dean for Naropa College. In addition to her experience in education, she is trained in the use of poetry therapy, spiritual guidance, and yoga. Dr. Bacon is also an interfaith minister.

Deeply committed to addressing issues of overrepresentation in special education, racial and gender equity, child advocacy, and writing for social justice, she participates in a number of professional associations and mentoring organizations. Dr. Bacon created The Sacred Activism: Antiracism, Social Justice, and Spirituality seminar which examines antiracism and social justice as a spiritual practice.

When not teaching and writing, she can be found doing yoga, trying out new recipes, and exploring the beautiful mountains of Colorado with her husband, daughter, and dog.


Dr. Bacon has authored the book Sisters in the Dissertation House: A Dissertation Narrative, which addresses doctoral completion by women of color in underrepresented fields. Her book chapter “Academic Mothering: Black Women Mentors in Higher Education” is currently in press and will be featured in Black Experiences in Higher Education: Faculty, Staff, and Students. Dr. Bacon’s publications also include journal articles featured in The Journal of Poetry Therapy, Teachers College Record, and Florida Reading Journal such as, “Writing in Solidarity: The Lived Experience of African American Adolescent Girls Writing Poetry,” “Using Culturally and Inclusive Poetry Groups with Diverse Teens,” and “Culturally Responsive Poetry.” She co-authored the article, “Examining Teachers’ Beliefs About African American Male Students in a Low-Performing High School in an African American School District.” Her children’s book, I Am an Antiracist Superhero! was published by Bala Kids in 2023.

Books & Book Chapters

  • Bacon, J.N. (2023). I Am an Antiracist Superhero! Boulder, CO: Bala Kids.
  • Bacon, J.N. (2022). Academic Mothering: Black Women Mentors in Higher Education. Black Experiences in Higher Education: Faculty, Staff, and Students.
  • Bacon, J.N. (2020). Aleta’s Feelings During the Coronavirus.
  • Bacon, J.N. (2014). Sisters of the dissertation house: A dissertation narrative. Stillwater, OK: New Forums Press.

Journal and Magazine Articles

  • Bacon, J.N.& Blohm, B. (2020). Preparing transformative teachers. Teach Colorado.
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  • Lynn, M., Bacon, J. N., Totten, T., Bridges, T., & Jennings, M. (2010). Examining teachers’ beliefs about African American students in a low performing high school: The impact on African American males. Teachers College Record, 112 (1) pp. 289–330.

Blog Posts

  • Bacon, J.N. (2017, May 29). Exploring Toddler Yoga as Play. Costa Pacifica Living.
  • Bacon, J.N. (2015, October 14). 5 Tips for Creating a Culturally Responsive Classroom. University of Virginia Curry School of Education.
  • Bacon, J.N. (2015, July 22). Culturally Responsive Pedagogy: A Perspective from An Educator and Mom. University of Virginia Curry School of Education.
  • Bacon, J.N. (2014, November 11). 4 Tips for Women of Color Navigating the Dissertation. New Forums Press; PROMISE.

Book Reviews

  • Bacon, J.N. (2011) Review of The Cambridge Companion to African American women’s literature. phati’tude Literary Magazine, 2(4), pp. 27; 35–36.
  • Bacon, J.N. (2011) Review of Shaking the tree: A collection of new fiction and memoir by black women. phati’tude Literary Magazine, 2(4), pp. 26; 34.
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  • Bacon, J.N. (2010) Review of Poets on painters. phati’tude Literary Magazine, 2(3), p. 21.

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