Brigitte Mars
Herbal Medicine Professor
BA Psychology
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AHG., (American Herbalist Guild), MT, PhD (honorary), ND (honorary)
BA Psychology
Herbal Medicine

Brigitte Mars is an herbalist and nutritional consultant of Natural Health with almost fifty years of experience. She teaches Herbal Medicine at Naropa University, and School of Health Mastery in Iceland. She has taught at Omega Institute, Esalen, Kripalu, Sivananda Yoga Ashram, Envision, Tribal Visions, Unify, Sister Winds, Arise Festivals, and even The Mayo Clinic. She is a founding and professional member of the American Herbalist Guild.
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Computer Software Program

  • The Herbal Pharmacy: The Interactive CD-Rom Guide to Medicinal Plants. Boulder, CO: Hale Software, 1998.


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