Alexa Heim
Assistant Director, Academic Advising
Student Success
B.S psychology, minor ethnic studies / M.A Education, Counseling & Guidance in Higher Ed
BA Psychology Online
COL 450E, Internship

Alexa (she/they) is an educator, writer, musician and lifelong learner. They believe in the transformative power of radical compassion, shadow work, and rewriting one’s own narrative. Beginning their higher education in a community college setting and going on to earn an MA in Education for Counseling & Guidance, the heart of their work is to foster a space for students that is accessible, co-created, and without cognitive limitations.
In Alexa’s previous roles at colleges in California she worked in career counseling & development, academic coaching, and taught an applied work experience course.

She has an interest in shamanism and is a student of community grief rituals. They also have a spiritual & somatic healing practice where she is always in search of new modalities and different ways to support her clients. She enjoys busking on the accordion, nordic neofolk music, and being by the water.

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