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The newest episode of our university podcast, ‘MindfulU at Naropa University,’ is out on iTunesStitcher, and Fireside now! We are excited to announce this week’s episode features the co-founders of Holistic Life Foundation (HLF), Ali Smith, Atman Smith, and Andres Gonzalez.

play-icon Episode 23 – Holistic Life Foundation: Empowering Underserved Communities

“A lot of times when people introduce us, they always say, ‘These three guys have been doing this amazing work, and they saved thousands of kids’ lives.’ And we’re quick to correct them and say we didn’t save anyone’s lives—we provided the tools for them to save their own lives.”

The Holistic Life Foundation is a Baltimore-based 501(c) (3) nonprofit organization committed to nurturing the wellness of children and adults in underserved communities. Through a comprehensive approach which helps children develop their inner lives through yoga, mindfulness, and self-care HLF demonstrates a deep commitment to learning, community, and stewardship of the environment. HLF is also committed to developing high-quality evidence-based programs and curriculum to improve community well-being. Listen as we discuss the Foundation and Naropa with its founders.

Holistic Life Photo
The Holistic Life Foundation with podcast host, David DeVine

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