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Office of

Marketing & Communications

The Marketing & Communications Department at Naropa University is responsible for supporting the recruitment process of the Admissions Department, the University’s brand management, and external messaging. A large part of the work that is done by the Marketing Department is aimed to support the University’s message by utilizing digital advertising, print communications, social media, and admissions recruitment materials.

Our approach is data-driven, and the team is comprised of experts in their individual fields. You can utilize this expertise with your project, and bring all of your requests to Naropa’s Marketing Department for strategy and development.

Our Core Areas of Responsibility

  • Naropa University admissions & recruitment
  • Strategic messaging and branding for external audiences
  • Naropa University official online and social accounts
  • Digital advertising
  • Maintenance of

For general marketing-related inquiries, to schedule an interview, or request press-related information, contact

Naropa in the news — whether it is a faculty member presenting at an esteemed conference, a student spear heading a community service initiative, a new academic program, or public event, Naropa University is a constant presence in all aspects of the news and public media. if you’re a member of the press who is interested in covering Naropa, we’re happy to provide you with a wide variety of materials to help you familiarize yourself with Naropa. Contact Cassandra Smith

Through a rich array of articles, interviews, multimedia offerings, and artwork, Naropa Magazine shares how Naropa’s mission of contemplative education manifests in the classroom through innovative approaches to teaching, learning, and research, and how that mission is expressed in the creative ways that students, alumnx, and faculty “meet the world as it is and change it for the better.” Check it out.

Naropa’s blog—The Pilot Light—is dedicated to realizing Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche’s vision of an awakened society. The Pilot Light features posts by Naropa’s faculty, glimpses into the Naropa student perspective, updates from the alumni community, and more. Follow The Pilot Light to stay up to date with everything at Naropa.

This podcast is for those with an interest in mindfulness and a curiosity about its place in both higher education and the world at large. Hosted by Naropa alumnus David DeVine, episodes feature Naropa faculty, alumni, and special guests on a wide variety of topics including compassion, permaculture, social justice, herbal healing, and green architecture—to name a few. Listen to explore the transformative possibilities of mindfulness, both in the classroom and beyond!

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