Naropa at Psychedelic Science 2023

Naropa at Psychedelic Science 2023

Thank You to Conference Volunteers & Performers

Naropa University’s success at the 2023 Psychedelic Science Conference would not have been possible without the countless staff, students, faculty, and alumnx who stepped into this journey with open hearts. 

Offerings from the Center for Psychedelic Studies

The Center for Psychedelic Studies supports the development and integration of psychedelic studies at Naropa University and offers a range of public education opportunities focused on the unprecedented transformative healing potential within this emerging field.

After fifty years of intellectual prohibition, a recent resurgence in science and research has demonstrated remarkably promising results for the use of psychedelic substances in the treatment of depression, end-of-life anxiety, addiction, and other mental health conditions. As a pioneer in the integration of contemplative training with counseling psychology, chaplaincy, eco-psychology and other therapeutic disciplines, Naropa is uniquely positioned to expand the unprecedented healing potential within this emerging field. 

9:00 am –1:00 pm // Ecopsychedelic Practices for Addressing Eco/Social Crises // Room 711

With Azul DelGrasso, PhDc; Michal (Miki) Fire, PsyD, Travis Cox, PhD

In the face of our ecological (global climate chaos, sixth mass extinction, etc.) and social crises (global resurgence of fascism, increasing military tensions and new wars, etc.), finding ways to connect with nature, address issues of environmental justice and ecoanxiety/trauma, and foster novel solutions to our problems is more important than ever. Ecopsychedelics offer a unique opportunity to do all three. This workshop will explore the intersection of ecopsychology and psychedelics through theory as well as practices that are designed to overcome the disconnections between an individual and their true self, other humans, the more-than-human world, and the ground of Being. By exploring the intersection between ecology, justice, psychology, and psychedelics, humanity may find new ways to tackle some of the most pressing challenges facing our planet today. With the psychedelic resurgence underway, the possibility of using these medicines in both clinical and environmental contexts with the intention of deepening individual connection to the planet, and our collective liberation, can help people develop a fuller understanding of the importance of working together to preserve and honor our planet by building just and sustainable societies.

9:00 am–5:00 pm // Psychedelic Care for Religious and Spiritual Care Professionals (session II) // Room 303

with Jamie Beachy, PhD – convener; Belinda Eriacho, MS; Joe Tafur, MD; Moana Meadow, MDiv

The psychedelic medicine resurgence has reignited conversations around the intersection of science, religion, and spirituality. Clinical research indicates that psychedelics can reliably occasion profound non-ordinary experiences that participants often rate as the most spiritually meaningful of their lives. Research is still exploring the ideal paradigms – often holistic and humanistic – required to enhance the benefits of psychedelic therapies. As spiritual care professionals enter the field in increasing numbers, the science and practice of spiritually-integrated psychedelic-assisted therapy is expanding to address the needs of clients and the spiritual and religious communities to which they belong.

Join Us in DharmaPlay

Greetings Future Naropians! Together we will create DharmaPlay, where you get to play your true self as you are in this moment. By playing our most compassionate, justice minded, community-rooted selves, we have the capacity to call in the more beautiful future we all know is possible. 

You are invited to learn more about yourself and find the kind of resonance you want to leave in this timeline. We are encouraging you to step into this journey and join us in the tender act of cultivating new perceptions and finding moments of connection, contemplation, and play.

9:00–9:55 am // Yoga with Gabrial Reising // Deep Space Stage

11:00 am–12:00 pm // Opening Ritual: Socio-Celestial Mapping and Living Mandalas // Contemplative Space (Rooms 704 & 706)

Facilitated by Ramon Parish; Produced by Seann Goodman. Using the lens of tropical astrology and the modalities of creativity, spoken word, embodiment, and collective strategizing/participation we will co-create a ceremony on these inquiries—awakening and grounding symbolic and archetypal energies as a conference gateway. Join an ensemble cast of Naropians for one of humanities’ eldest technologies for mapping, mind expansion and holistic perspective.

12:00–1:00 pm // High Noon Parallel RealiTEA Party // Tea Lounge at Deep Space

Facilitated by King Lexie. Join us in an immersive tea party where you get to come be a parallel version of yourself! Meet others’ parallel selves and enjoy High Noon Tea in spontaneous play.   

1:00–3:00 pm // Sound Bath // Contemplative Space (Rooms 704 & 706)

2:30–3:15 pm // Channeling Plant Wisdom in an Afro-future: An Interspecies Galactic Council // Contemplative Space (Rooms 704 & 706)

Facilitated by Ramon Parish and Regina Smith. Emerging from the ground of Joanna Macy’s Work that Reconnects, this ritual invites you to channel the voices of plant elders and listen to their wisdom as they offer guidance from the future. Join Queen of the Nine Realms and RaMoon as they implore our elders to transmit how humans lost connection, the gifts the plants are willing to share, and what interspecies liberation looks like in the year 2399. 

3:30–4:20 pm // Sub-Atomic Spaces: A Plant Wisdom Oasis Ceremony // Deep Space Stage

Faciliated by TRENETI & FAERY with tribute to Kilindi Iyi. Music that nourishes the Soul. This is an immersive experience of original regenerative music by Treneti & Faery. In this musical journey you will receive channeled sound healing transmissions of restorative plant frequencies, cinematic dance grooves and original music composition’s featuring and inspired by the late Kilindi Iyi one of the only African American male voices in the psychedelic community who specialized in the wisdom of high dose mushrooms journeying.

Naropa Facilitators


Travis Cox, PhD

Miki Fire

Miki Fire, PsyD

Jamie Beachy, PhD

Sara Lewis, PhD

Jordan Quaglia, PhD

Carla Burns, MDiv

Diana Quinn

Diana Quinn, PhD

Kevin Franciotti, MA, LAC

Belinda Eriacho, MPH, MT

Gabrial Reising

Ramon Parish

Regina Smith

Regina Smith, VP of Mission, Culture & Inclusive Community, is rooted in embodied contemplative philosophies and known for her magical creativity, intellectual clarity, and mission-centered collaborative leadership.

Seann Goodman

Seann Goodman is the Director of Naropa’s Division of Mission, Culture & Inclusive Community, along with others he helps the university aim for the highest standards of conduct.

Mike Bauer

Danielle Ananda Krettek

Raghu Markus

Brigitte Mars & Bethany Lovelight

Jared “Gagan” Levy

Matthew Duffy​

Lily Fangz

Mike Wird

Rachel Fryke



Sheela Bringi

Brent Kuecker

Rutury Temay

Rutury Temay

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