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Summer Writing Program 2022

The Summer Writing Program (SWP) is a three-week convocation of students, poets, scholars, fiction writers, translators, performance artists, activists, Buddhist teachers, musicians, printers, editors, and others working in small-press publishing. In dialog with renowned practitioners, students engage in the composition of poetry, prose fiction, cross-genre possibilities, inter-arts, translation, and writing for performance. Participants work in…

Tonglen: A Tool of Subtle Activism

How can we meet and engage with the pain we see in our own lives, in those around us, and in our world? What can we do to help? While these are ongoing, living questions, contemplative traditions offer potent methods for cultivating and extending active compassion. In this experiential workshop, you'll be introduced to tonglen – “sending…

$40 – $49

SWP ’22 Reading

Tuesday, 6/ 14 7:30–9:30 PM Faculty Reading: Justin Wymer; Steven Dunn; Brenda Coultas; Andrea Abi-Karam Thursday 6/ 16 7:30–9:30PM Faculty Reading: Reed Bye; Sueyeun Juliette Lee; Charles Alexander; Margaret Randall Friday, 6/17 7:30–9:30 PM Student Reading Saturday, 6/18 7:30–9:30 Faculty Reading: Russell Brakefield; Vauhini Vara; Orlando White; Raquel Silas Rivera Tuesday 6/21 7:30–9:30 Faculty Reading:…