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Bombay Gin Issue #42: ReProgramming The Wilderness 

Bombay gin 

Featuring:   Brian Laidlaw, Laura Ferris, Barbara Tomash, Leia Wilson, Laura Kolbe, Olivia Bustion, Michael berger, Robert Nazerene, TR Brady, Angela H. Dale, Travis MacDonald, F. Daniel Rzicnek, Brandon Krieg, Lance Larsen, Nina Pick, Alexandria Peary, Montreaux Rotholtz, Tara Roeder, Rachel Mindell, ORI Fienberg, Tracy Thomas, Heather Sweeny, David Briggs, Jarret Eakins

Charting The Lines Between: A Folio: Sarah Richards Graba, Kristen E Nelson, Amaranth Borsuk and Kate Durbin and Ian Hatcher

Cover ArtMohave Sub-Sequence by Ren Adams

Book Reviews: Emily K. Harrison on SLAB by Selah Saterstrom, Heather Goodrich on Why We Live in the Dark Ages by Megan Levad