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At Naropa, you will earn more than just a bachelor’s degree. Through the alchemical process of contemplative education, you will meet yourself, your community & a creative space for exploration.

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Three unique components of the psychology program—sharpening intellect, deepening intuition, and nourishing compassion—will build your confidence and prepare you for future career success.

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Contemplative Art Therapy

Merge your artistic process with the study of traditional and eastern psychology for a deeoly mindful approach to Art Therapy. 




Graduate Students

Creative Writing & Literature

Deepen your writing and your understanding of self at the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics where writing is a path of social and personal transformation. 

International Students

Elementary Education

Learn how to become a teacher in a program that brings mindfulness to the classroom. You will graduate with fully accredited professional licensure and the ability to meet the needs of diverse students. 

Center for the Advancement of Contemplative Education
Center for the Advancement of Contemplative Education

Environmental Studies

Deepen your commitment to sustainability and honor the Earth while learning to creatively address complex environmental issues.  

Center for Contemplative Chaplaincy
Center for Contemplative Chaplaincy

Interdisciplinary Studies

Unearth your most important questions and devise your own course of study to find answers.



Religious Studies
Religious Studies

Religious Studies

Gain a strong foundation in world religions and a deep knowledge of yourself and your relationship with others through mindfulness and contemplative learning,

Visual Arts
Visual Arts

Visual Arts

Explore the sacred connection between  your internal landscape and your external creations. Naropa's commitment to contemplative education and its rich history in the arts creates a powerful experience for emerging artists. 

BA in Yoga Studies
BA in Yoga Studies

Yoga Studies

Embrace yogic practice as a way of life and be transformed on and off the mat in a degree program that transcends a yoga teacher training and yoga certification program. 

Required courses

ATH230 Introduction to Art Therapy (3)

ATH330 Art Therapy Theory and Applications (3)

ATH430 Art Therapy Studio Methods (3)

PSYB314 Buddhist Psychology I: Mindfulness Meditation (3)

Total Credits 12

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What is a Contemplative Education?

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Academic Support

We strive to create a safe and inclusive environment where we can engage openly and support you in creating and achieving academic goals that are rooted in your needs and values.

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