Student Union of Naropa

Naropa's student government is known as the Student Union of Naropa (or SUN). SUN has two active branches: United Naropa (UN) and Student Life Programming (SLP). Both groups share in their overarching purpose: to gather and represent the student voice, to empower student engagement, and to provide and support opportunities for student leadership.

We encourage all students to consider participating in student government! 

United Naropa

United Naropa (UN) is comprised of students representing their academic departments with a focus on student action, connections and communication among the departments, and ensuring student input in decision making. United Naropa uses a consensus decision-making model to empower the student voice.

Student Life Programming

Student Life Programming (SLP) is a committee of students that organizes and supports student life beyond the classroom. SLP plans various campus activities, oversees student lounges, and supervises student groups. Every year, SLP hosts the annual open mic events, Halloween party, and NaropaFest.

Recent SUN Accomplishments

  • Ratified UN's ByLaws, including an active Diversity Statement, clarified roles, policies and procedures (UN)
  • Held two successful Retreats (UN/SLP)
  • Pushed forward a student wellness initiative for reduced rates at local rec centers (UN)
  • Hosted major campus social events (i.e. Halloween Party & Spring Concert Series) (SLP)
  • Recognized 50 Student Leaders through Student Leadership and Activism Banquet (SLP)
  • Facilitated & Funded 35 Student Groups (SLP)
  • Presented "Engaged Students of the Year" awards at multiple graduation ceremonies. (SLP)
  • Sponsored "Naropa Wellness Day" during spring semester with many practitioners and over 200 participants (SLP)


The structure of SUN began in 1989, and continues to evolve as Naropa have grown. Originally it was called SUTNI (Student Union of the Naropa Institute). Over the years, SUN (UN and SLP) has been influential in the creation of university policy, as well as consultation for student input on university and budgetary decisions. SUN works to support Naropa students in many ways.

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