Office for Inclusive Community

Office for Inclusive Community

Inclusivity is the practice of building just and equitable communities. Inclusivity requires that we continuously awaken, and work to dismantle, the ideologies, patterns, systems and practices that perpetuate oppression.


The Office for Inclusive Community (OIC) is Naropa’s home for social justice work—celebrating diverse identities and creating a culture at Naropa that is radically inclusive. Rooted in the school’s mission to “transform yourself, transform the world,” OIC supports students, staff, faculty, and the institution at large to grow their awareness of the dynamics of privilege, power and oppression, and to take social action. Recognizing the reality of our interconnectedness, we understand that none of us are free until we are all free, and we all play a role in social transformation. Thus, OIC welcomes all people to engage in this work. Offering a number of educational opportunities, community building events, and support groups, the OIC is dedicated to bringing contemplative practice into alignment with compassionate action, one person at a time.

The Office is located in the heart of the Arapahoe campus, right across from the café in Sycamore 8110. You are invited to stop by and say hello!


OIC’s Mission:

“Justice is what love looks like in public.”

-Cornel West

The Office for Inclusive Community’s mission is to create beloved community through critical consciousness raising and cultural transformation. Our guiding principles are clarity, rootedness, magic, ease and service, and we engage in a myriad of practices in order to uphold our principles. As we believe that cultural transformation begins in our own work environment, we disrupt capitalist assembly line values by practicing connected and embodied collaboration.

Judith Simmer-Brown

Staff Spotlight

“Transformation, again, goes back to this idea of positive disintegration, really getting down to the essence of self... Really thinking about—not necessarily just what we want—but what the world needs. Being willing to suffer, in order to really get whatever it is we need to get in our bones, so that we show up in the world like a very different self. So we’re more willing to become vessels for change, and not just polishing our egos.”

— Regina Smith
Executive Director for Mission Integration and Student Affairs 


Call & Response

Beloved Community

Call: To build a radically inclusive community in which each member feels vital and celebrated

Response: Provide space and opportunities for self-love, intercultural comradery and celebration.

Critical Consciousness-Raising

Call: To continuously awaken to the oppressive ideologies which perpetuate inequitable patterns, systems and practices

Response: Radically re-educate self and community with clarity of mind, connected to heart, and befriend our collective shadow.

Cultural Transformation

Call: To actively, consciously and strategically heal the legacy of ongoing colonization in all of its forms

Response: Live into collective liberation through deliberate and persistent acts of solidarity.