Good Academic Standing, Academic Probation, and Academic Suspension

Good Academic Standing

Undergraduate good academic standing requires a semester grade point average (GPA) of 2.0. Graduate good standing requires a semester GPA of 2.7. Grade point average and good academic standing do not guarantee acceptance into an internship. Consult programs for details.

Academic Probation

If a student’s semester GPA falls below good standing, the Registrar's Office will notify (1) the provost (graduate) or dean of Naropa College (undergraduate), (2) the student’s advisor, (3) the director of financial aid, and (4) the dean of students. The student will be placed on academic probation and notified of this status in writing by Academic Affairs. Probation status is indicated on transcripts.

Academic Suspension

Two consecutive semesters of academic probation automatically result in suspension. Suspension status is indicated on transcripts. Once on academic suspension, a student is not allowed to enroll in courses for credit at the university. To initiate an appeal to be reinstated to the university following suspension, a student must write a letter concerning the situation to the provost and must complete any outstanding course work, such as courses that still have a grade of “I/F” (Incomplete). A review committee is then formed to evaluate the situation. The committee for graduate students consists of the student’s academic advisor, the provost, the dean of students, and the director of financial aid (if the student receives financial aid). The committee for undergraduate students consists of the student's academic advisor, the dean and associate dean of Naropa College, the dean of students, and the director of financial aid (if the student receives financial aid).

Students can avoid probation and suspension by seeking help from instructors, academic advisors, academic coaches, writing tutors, and fellow students before their status is at risk. The earlier students seek support, the more likely they are to avert problems. Students should contact their academic advisor for referrals or specific assistance.