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Courses & Requirements

On-Campus or Low-Residency

Students have the option of a low-residency or on-campus degree program. The sequence of courses for the two options is outlined below.

Please note that the low-residency program includes one additional semester, to disperse the coursework to be more manageable for those with busy schedules and other commitments. The low-residency version of the program does not include live class meetings and instead utilizes mostly on-demand programming with live class meetings when deemed necessary.

Four Residential Practice and Study Retreats

Both the on-campus and low-residency degree options share four residential retreats – three nine-day retreats and one seven-day retreat – that bring the students together with their faculty to build community and provide a face-to-face, intensive engagement with contemplative education.

The nine-day retreats occur in the fall and spring of the first year, and the spring of the second year. The seven-day retreat occurs at the end of one of the summer sessions, and which summer session depends upon the year when the student starts the program.

Contemplative Practice

The MDiv degree program has four meditation practicum courses that complement the core courses on Buddhist teachings. Students are paired with personal Meditation Instructors and are asked to meditate for five hours each week. The degree also includes a noncredit, seven-day Contemplative Practice Intensive requirement to be completed at a retreat center of the student’s choosing.

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