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Transpersonal Art Therapy Concentration

MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

As a transdisciplinary profession, art therapy involves intensive studies in the visual arts, the behavioral sciences, and the development of adept counseling skills. Naropa’s innovative, experiential approach to training art therapists and counselors integrates transpersonal psychology with mindfulness meditation practice, the acquisition of refined clinical skills, and applied community-based studio methods. Our goal is for our students to become culturally competent, clinically astute, socially engaged counselors, artists, and art therapists.

This 62-credit Transpersonal Art Therapy concentration, approved by the American Art Therapy Association, consists of specific art therapy course work combined with counseling and contemplative studies training. Throughout the program, students also participate in 190 direct art contact hours of studio-based work.

Transpersonal Art Therapy Degree Requirements

First year, fall

  • CNSA600 Transpersonal Art Therapy Orientation Seminar (noncredit)

  • CNSA604 Foundations of Art Therapy: Studio and Practicum (3)

  • CNST621 Psychology of Meditation I: Foundations of Mindfulness (3)

  • CNSA631 Counseling & Helping Relationships I: Transpersonal Art Therapy (3)

  • CNSA634 History and Theory of Art Therapy (3)


First year, spring

  • CNSA661 Counseling & Helping Relationships II: Transpersonal Art Therapy (3)

  • CNST610 Social & Multicultural Foundations (3)

  • CNST670 Transpersonal Psychology (3) or CNST673 Jungian Psychology: Transpersonal Foundations and Central Concepts (3)

  • CNSA665 Civic Engagement Studio Practicum (noncredit)

  • CNST720 Extending Mindfulness: Cultivating Resilient Presence (1)

  • CNSA596 Special Topics in Art Therapy (1)


Second year, fall

  • CNST620 Human Growth and Development (3)

  • CNSA751 Group Counseling: Transpersonal Art Therapy (3)

  • CNSA754 Counseling for Adult Populations: Transpersonal Art Therapy (3)

  • CNSA801 Professional Counseling Orientation and Ethical Practice: Transpersonal Art Therapy (3)


Second year, spring

  • CNSA624 Art Therapy Studio: Process & Materials (2)
  • CNST700 Assessment (3)
  • CNSA734 Counseling for Child & Adolescent Populations: Transpersonal Art Therapy (3)
  • CNSA790 Counseling Practicum (3)


Second year, summer (optional)

  • CNSG871 Extended Internship I (noncredit)

Third year, fall

  • CNST710 Research and Program Evaluation (3)

  • CNSA871 Internship I: Transpersonal Art Therapy (3.5)

  • CNST740 Diagnostic Psychopathology (3)

  • CNSA824 Internship Studio Methods I (0.5)


Third year, spring

  • CNST711 Career Development (3)

  • CNSA844 Internship Studio Methods II (0.5)

  • CNSA891 Internship II: Transpersonal Art Therapy (3.5)


Third year, summer (optional)

  • CNSG891 Extended Internship II (noncredit)

Total Credits: 63

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