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Low-Residency Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling Concentration

Students have the option of a traditional on-campus degree program or a low-residency, mostly asynchronous version, both of which can be completed in three years. 

The low-residency MTC program provides the same curriculum but through a different delivery format:

  • Three semesters per year rather than two, dispersing the course load to make the program more accessible for those with busy schedules and other commitments.
  • No live classes are held during the semester, giving students the flexibility to complete the coursework on their own time, but students are required to meet virtually, based on their availability, with fellow cohort members regularly to connect and engage over the coursework.
  • Students meet as a group twice per semester for a two-day or three-day online intensive, and a six-day in-person intensive held in Colorado. The online intensives are typically held in the first week of classes of each semester; the in-person intensive usually falls in the final few weeks of each semester.

The two versions of the program are not compatible and it is not possible to switch between the two.

Please note: Starting in May 2023, the program will include two in-person intensives per year rather than three. The fall and summer terms will continue to include in-person intensives but the spring intensives will be held virtually.Students starting in January 2023 will not be affected by this change and will continue to have three in-person intensives per year.

Low-Residency MTC Degree Requirements

Semester 1

Three-day online intensive, six-day intensive in Colorado

  • CNST610e Social and Multicultural Foundations (3)
  • CNST621e Psychology of Meditation: Foundations of Mindfulness (3)

Semester 2

Two-day online intensive, six-day intensive in Colorado

  • CNST631e Counseling & Helping Relationships I (3)
  • CNST720e Extending Mindfulness: Cultivating Resilient Presence (1)
  • CNST710e Research and Program Evaluation (3)

Semester 3

Two-day online intensive, six-day intensive in Colorado

  • CNST661e Counseling & Helping Relationships II: Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling (3)
  • CNST620e Human Growth and Development (3)
  • CNST671e The Mindful Counselor: Applying Mindfulness in the Therapeutic Context (2)

Semester 4

Two-day online intensive, six-day intensive in Colorado

  • CNST670e Transpersonal Psychology I (3)
  • CNST740e Diagnostic Psychopathology (3)

Semester 5

Two-day online intensive, six-day intensive in Colorado

  • CNSM601e Gestalt I: Awareness (3)
  • CNST770e Compassion Training for Counselors (1)
  • CNST750e Group Counseling: Dynamics & Leadership (3)

Semester 6

Two-day online intensive, six-day intensive in Colorado

  • CNSM651e Gestalt II: Experiment (3)
  • CNST790e Counseling Practicum (3)

Semester 7

Two-day online intensive, six-day intensive in Colorado

  • CNSM801e Counseling Orientation I (1)
  • CNST700e Assessment (3)
  • CNST704 Addiction Counseling (3)

Semester 8

Two-day online intensive, six-day intensive in Colorado

  • CNSM802e Counseling Orientation II. (1)
  • CNST810e Mindfulness-based Counseling: Diagnosis and Interventions (2)
  • CNSM871e Internship I: Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling (1.5)
  • CNST775e Advanced Topics in Transpersonal Psychology (2)

Semester 9

Two-day online intensive, six-day intensive in Colorado

  • CNSM803e Counseling Orientation III (2)
  • CNST711e Career Development (3)
  • CNSM891e Internship II: Mindfulness-based Transpersonal Counseling (1.5)

Total Credits: 60

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