Jane Bunin, PhD

Adjunct Professor & Adjunct Partner Coordinator
BA Environmental Studies
PhD Ecology and Ecosystem Management, University of Colorado; MA Biochemistry, Brandeis University; BS Genetics, Cornell University
BA Environmental Studies
Field Ecology / Geology. And in prior years: Field Botany / Boulder's Bioregion / Wild Plants of Boulder's Bioregion / Ecology and Natural (for Transpersonal Counseling Psychology) / Ecology and Evolution / Sustainable Communities / Service Learning—Ecological Restoration / Agro-ecology / Environmental Problem-Solving / Global Ecological Issues / Ecology and Systems Science

Jane grew up in a green part of the Bronx, NY. Her lifelong interest in the natural world was sparked by her high school biology teacher. She was a consulting ecologist for over 20 years before experiencing a spiritual awakening that led her to Naropa.
Since 1991, she has attended weekend retreats of various world wisdom traditions. She apprenticed with an Andean elder and studied to attain Certification as an Ayurvedic educator. Jane pursues and has been an activist in not only ecological and environmental realms, but also holistic health realms.

Jane took numerous outdoor trips with family, her children, and friends, including canoe and raft trips, a trek in Nepal, an expedition to the Peruvian Andes, a descent into Copper Canyon, Mexico, and hiking and mountaineering trips throughout the western USA In 2006, she participated in a pilgrimage to Mt. Kailash in Tibet- circumambulation of the outer and inner koras. For many years, she enjoyed the outdoors via bicycling, rock climbing, ski touring and running, including five marathons.

She is a lifelong dancer, especially Body Mandala and folk dancing, including performances with the Mandala Ensemble, Boston, MA, Boulder Israeli dancers, and the Scandinavian Dancers, Boulder, CO.

Jane has served on the Boards of various nonprofits, including the Village Arts Coalition, and Global Response, She currently (2022) serves as Chair of the Board of Alandi Ashram and is on the Coordinating Council and several working groups of Right Relationship Boulder.

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  • 1968 The Effects of Adenosine Triphosphate on N-ethyl Maleimide Inactivation of Myosin ATPase activities. MA Thesis. Brandeis University, Waltham

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