Jamie Beachy, PhD

Job Role: Core Assistant Professor, Faculty Co-director, Center for Psychedelic Studies
PhD, MDiv, ACPE Certified Educator
Business Office / Department or Center: Center for Contemplative Chaplaincy
Department: Center for Contemplative Chaplaincy, Master of Divinity
Academic Programs: Master of Divinity
Courses Taught: CNSG 799 Introduction to Psychedelic Therapies|REL 602 Contemplative Communication|REL 714 Introduction to Spiritual Care |REL 747 Clinical Pastoral Education |REL 779 Interreligious Dialogue|REL 804 Ethics in Spiritual Caregiving|REL 654 Group Process Integration Lab|

Jamie Beachy PhD, MDiv, serves as faculty lead for Naropa's Master of Divinity program. Jamie has worked as a chaplain, ACPE certified spiritual care educator, and ethics consultant in diverse contexts including academic medical centers, trauma hospitals, hospice, and palliative care settings. Jamie developed the curriculum for an advanced certificate in palliative care chaplaincy and continues to advise palliative care chaplaincy organizations including the Institute for Palliative Care at California State University, San Marcos. Jamie is invested in the role of chaplaincy in psychedelic therapies and she currently serves as a therapist with the MAPS MDMA-assisted therapy Phase III study in Boulder. Dr. Beachy has presented and convened gatherings on psychedelics and chaplaincy and is currently faculty co-director for Naropa's center-for-psychedelic-studies.

  • Sub-investigator, MDMA-assisted Therapy Phase III FDA study, Boulder||Beachy, J. (2021). Tending the Sacred: The Emerging Role of Chaplaincy in Psychedelic Therapy. MAPS Spring Bulletin, May 2021.
  • Beachy, J. (2021). Foundational Guidance in Grief and Bereavement. Palliative Care Medicine for Physician Assistants: Fostering Resilience and Managing Seriously Ill Patients, 89.
  • Beachy, J. (2021). Caring for the Palliative Care Clinician: Fostering Resilience. Palliative Care Medicine for Physician Assistants: Fostering Resilience and Managing Seriously Ill Patients, 104.
  • Beachy, J. (2015). Spiritual Care as Creative Interruption: Exploring a Generative Metaphor for Intercultural Chaplaincy. Digital Commons, Electronic Dissertations.
  • Beachy, J. (2013). An Exploration of Spiritual Care as Creative Interruption. The Journal Of Pastoral Theology, 23(1), 5.1-5.15
  • Beachy, J (2014). Paging God: Religion in the Halls of Medicine by Wendy Cadge, The Journal of Pastoral Theology, 24, 2014

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