Naropa Study Abroad Partnership with Where There Be Dragons

Boulder, Colo (May 29, 2012) -- Naropa University and Where There Be Dragons have announced that the two Boulder, Colorado establishments have created a partnership joining together contemplative academics with experiential study abroad.

Beginning in the fall of 2012, Naropa students and visiting students will have a unique opportunity to study in China, Nepal, India, or Bolivia/Peru for-credit.  These semester-long programs will encourage students to experience the global community and learn about key issues of economic development, culture, and the environment in engaging classrooms without borders.

"Through our partnership with Where There Be Dragons, Naropa University is happily re-entering the global community of Study Abroad," says Janet Erickson, Dean of Admissions for Naropa University. "We are able to offer our students, as well as visiting students, an opportunity to communicate across different and diverse cultures. This cultural competence--at home as well as overseas--is a key ability necessary to act skillfully in today's increasingly multiethnic and globalized world."

Where There Be Dragons, an experientially-based travel company, has been offering gap year programs since 1999, and study abroad programs for high school and undergraduate students in developing nations since 1993. The organization offers programs which are authentic, rugged, and profound learning adventures that expose the beautiful and complex realities of the countries.  Every Dragons program is a unique learning adventure that is carefully stewarded by a dedicated administrative team, and takes maximum advantage of the unique character of the group and place, as well as the strengths of the instructional team.

According to Chris Yager, Director of Where There Be Dragons, "Dragons programs are run through-and-through by professional faculty.  Every program is a collaboration with the instructors who run the course, as well as have in-country academic or professional experience and who speak the language. Through a carefully constructed training, assessment and mentorship process, we work with our field-staff to develop extensive leadership skills."

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