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Location:  all services are currently being offered virtually
Business Hours:  9-5 weekdays; Closed 12-1 daily; closed during all school holidays, breaks, and summer


The Naropa Student Counseling Center, (NSCC) integrates contemplative approaches with modern clinical practice to assist our student in reaching their highest level of well-being. We provide cutting edge interventions across a broad range of therapeutic services to support students on their transformational journey.

Our Services

NSCC offers individual, couples, and group therapy, crisis/walk in appointments during set hours (see crisis below), and outreach and education on a variety of mental health and well-being topics.

College students face many challenges and we are able to provide weekly sessions with students seeking support for the following issues: relationships, sexual orientation and gender identity, depression, anxiety, cultural identity and diversity, body image, stress management, transition, existential, grief, and more (see Weekly Sessions).

Students with ongoing or specialized mental health needs can access our Walk in/Crisis hours, request brief-therapy with a licensed counselor, and utilize local crisis services (see crisis section). We also help these students get set up with local community resources (see scope of services and limitations section).

Our services are covered by tuition and student fees.

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This is where experiential learning meets academic rigor. Where you challenge your intellect and unlock your potential.

Introducing Tao

NSCC will be using TAO Connect to provide virtual services for students for the foreseeable future. The TAO platform goes above and beyond being a secure video platform for individual therapy. It allows all Naropa students free access to tools and educational materials on a variety of topics such as Anxiety, Depression, Recovery, Relationships, Communication, Pain Management, Stress, General Well-Being/Resilience and Mindfulness. The TAO self guided modules are interactive and evidence based.

To access all the helpful content go to and log in (with your Naropa email) under the headline 'If your school or institution has TAO'.

Our Staff

We are a small university counseling center and are staffed by licensed counselors and unlicensed trainees in their second and third year of graduate school. Most ongoing counseling is provided by Counselors in Training. Our trainees are supervised by licensed clinicians and participate in our comprehensive Masters Training Program. Professional Staff provide clinical supervision, outreach and education for the student body, as well as consultation and leadership to several teams within the Naropa community. They host Walk in/Crisis hours and work with a small caseload of students utilizing a short-term brief therapy model.

Confidentiality and Dual Relationships

NSCC counselors maintain confidentiality within the normal limits of counseling. Information from sessions will not be shared with faculty, staff, or anyone who is not a Counselor with the Naropa Student Counseling Center. Exceptions to confidentiality occur when counselors need to take steps to assure the safety of clients and others when there is a threat of imminent harm. Counselors are mandatory reporters.

To respect and maintain professional boundaries we take care to assure that clients are treated by counselors with whom they do not have existing collegial, professional, personal, or other relationships. Please discuss any questions or concerns around confidentiality or dual relationships with us.

Limits to Our Scope of Service and Referrals

Like most university counseling centers NSCC has a high demand for services and is unable to meet all of the mental health needs of our student body in house. We are a small center that relies heavily on Counselors-in-training and have a limited scope of practice.

We are unable to provide in house psychiatric evaluation, prescriptions or medication management, psychological, educational, or disability testing, emotional support animal documentation, 24-7 Crisis response, intensive outpatient, inpatient, or other specialized services. We refer many students to community resources to help them get the support they need.

Students who have significant or ongoing struggles with mental health, active addiction(s), eating disorder(s), unmedicated bi-polar, schizophrenia, active psychosis, PTSD, or other complex needs will be assessed and then offered short term stabilization support and/or referred to others in the local community.

When a student’s need surpasses the scope of our center and they are not in imminent harm we provide case management session(s) to help them get set up with referrals to licensed providers and local agencies who are a better match. These students may still utilize our Walk in/ Crisis Hours.

Many students understand our limits and come to Naropa knowing they are interested in working with a licensed counselor ongoingly, want or need year-round counseling support, more frequent session, medication support, and/or other specialized psychological care that we are unable to provide. If you’d like help getting set up in the local community with any type of psychological support, please let us know. We will schedule a screen and then a case management session to help you get set up with the best care.

We do not offer phone or video counseling and clients need to be available to attend sessions in person. If you are unable to attend in person, please see Psychology Today or other listings to find providers in your local area.

Drop in Services

Drop in sessions will be offered to current students, residing in CO, who would like to talk to a counselor the same day. These services are provided by a Licensed Counselors Monday- Friday from 3-3:30 and 3:30-4pm.  These sessions are 30 minutes long and students are served in a first come first serve basis.

To access Drop-in services email and request a time (from above). Drop-in paperwork needs to be completed before the session can be held. Forms can be filled out by going to and completing the tabs 'Informed Consent for Drop-in Tele Mental Health Services' and ‘Drop-In Tele Mental Health Appointment Form’.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a psychological emergency, please call Colorado Crisis Services at 1.844.493.8255 or walk in at MHPs local crisis center:  3180 Airport Road Boulder Colorado.

12 Weekly Sessions with a Counselor in Training

Students seeking ongoing counseling sessions begin the process by emailing or calling the center, and then meet with a counselor for an initial 20-minute assessment session to help NSCC staff determine whether our services are right for them. Counselors will then conduct a 60-75 minute history taking session, after which students can begin weekly sessions with a Counselor-in-Training. Student within this scope (see Scope and Limits) can receive 12 sessions per year.

Getting Started with NSCC

If you are a student at Naropa and are interested in getting started with weekly sessions, please email us or call us (See Contact Info).

If you’d like to talk to someone today drop by for our Walk In/ Crisis Hours (see Crisis).

Naropa Community Counseling Center

Students who have Medicaid or who wish to pay for sliding scale services can pursue counseling at the center in South Boulder. These counseling services are delivered by unlicensed counselors who are supervised by licensed counselors. NCC is open year-round and hosts evening sessions. To get started with NCC email