Impact of Giving

Your donations help Naropa University attract and retain outstanding students who otherwise might be unable to afford to attend. Naropa offers students a unique educational experience, one that is academically rigorous and deeply personal. Through Naropa, students are both prepared for meaningful careers as social-change agents, and are transformed personally and professionally.


Nearly half of Naropa University's undergraduate students qualify for the Federal Pell Grant Program. Pell Grants are awarded annually to eligible low-income students. However, those grants fall far short of tuition rates for full-time undergraduate students. Because Naropa has fewer resources to support those students than would be available at wealthier institutions, donations are vitally important to help Naropa students complete their educations.


Donations to Naropa University help attract and support high-caliber faculty members who are pushing the bounds of their disciplines through scholarship. Gifts help Naropa offer competitive salaries, provide professional development, and establish endowed chairs.


Every semester Naropa suspends classes for Community Practice Day. On that day, Naropa students, faculty, and staff can attend lectures, participate in new forms of contemplative practice, and perform service in the community. Many courses at Naropa serve the larger community by incorporating service projects into the curriculum. Students also contribute as volunteers and interns at numerous community organizations.

  • During the spring 2011 Community Practice Day, members of the Naropa community worked in a greenhouse, worked with third graders, and packed boxes of food for a local food bank. The organizations that benefited from Naropa's spring 2011 Community Practice Day included:
  • Growing Gardens of Boulder County. Growing gardens runs ten environmentally sustainable community gardens.
  • The "I Have a Dream" Foundation of Boulder County. The foundation "adopts" groups of fifty low-income, third-grade students who are deemed to be at high risk of dropping out of school. Those "Dreamers" receive year-round support through high school.
  • Community Food Share. The organization is the food bank for Boulder and Broomfield County, providing food to clients from 50 area basic needs agencies.

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