Vidan Gonthier

Adjunct Faculty


MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Mindfulness-Based Transpersonal Counseling - Adjunct Faculty


PhD Somatic Psychology, Santa Barbara Graduate Institute
BA Music Education, University of Western Ontario

My primary interest as a teacher in TCP is to educate and inspire students to develop embodied mindfulness as their therapeutic ground for working with clients.

From the heart

Naropa University is an island of conscious heart-centered higher education in the sea of a competitive, individualistic, and grade focused educational system. I find Naropa students to be committed to developing not only their minds and professional skills, but also to become more compassionate and authentic human beings. To me, this is the true goal of academic learning. 

Courses taught

  • Psychology of Meditation II
  • Meditation Practicum II.

Past courses include:

  •  Helping Relationships
  • Practicum
  • Professional Orientation.

I am also facilitating a 5-day introduction to retreat at Shambala Mountain Center for Naropa students and the community.

Describe a time you helped a student reach an “ah ha” or transformational moment.

New psychotherapists often struggle with being themselves with a client. I remember one young woman experiencing a moment of revelation when I coached her to admit to her practice client that she actually didn't know how to respond. Being honest freed her self-conscious mind, and opened the relational space to a more authentic encounter.