Michele Blumberg

Adjunct Faculty


MA in Contemplative Education - Adjunct Faculty

Michele Blumberg is a graduate of Naropa’s MA in Contemplative Education program and has been on the faculty since her graduation in 2003. Her undergraduate degree is in Early Childhood Education with Montessori training. She has taught in various schools and was director of her own small school for over a decade.

Michele feels blessed to have been able to receive teachings from a number of spiritual teachers. She was ordained by Satguru Sant Keshavadas in 1990 after 18 years of study in Sanatana Vishwa Dharma, and holds the title of Acharya in that tradition.

She is a certified leader of the Dances of Universal Peace and was mentored by Saadi Neil Douglas Klotz.

Michele is one of the curriculum developers and teachers at Global Village School, an online homeschooling program. Presently, she is the School Specialist for the Positive Parenting Program of Jewish Family Service, and has been a consultant and program developer at JFS for 17 years.

With 4 adult children and 6 grandchildren, education and family are her passion.