Jack | 303-245-4752

Dean, Graduate School of Counseling & Psychology | Chair, Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology
Core Faculty


Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology


PhD, Temple University
MA, University of Tulsa
BA, Tufts University

Areas of Specialization:

  • Cognitive-behavioral Psychotherapy
  • Mind/Body Treatment
  • Psychophysiological Processes

MacAndrew brings broad clinical experience and training in “Western” clinical psychology to his teaching and practice of contemplative psychotherapy at Naropa. His work in therapeutic training includes cognitive-behaviorally oriented psychotherapy, depth-oriented modern psychoanalytic psychotherapy, mind/body practices in medical settings, and psychotherapy in university and community clinics. MacAndrew’s background in empirical science includes exploring psychophysiological processes involved in panic, breathing and the parasympathetic nervous system. Before coming to Naropa, MacAndrew was a clinical fellow at Harvard Medical School where he specialized in mind/body approaches to the treatment of anxiety, respiratory disorders and trauma.