L. S. Summer


Adjunct Faculty


Master of Divinity - Adjunct Faculty
MA in Religious Studies: Contemplative Religions - Adjunct Faculty
MA in Religious Studies: Indo-Tibetan Buddhism - Adjunct Faculty
BA in Religious Studies - Adjunct Faculty


MA in Buddhist Studies, Naropa University

L. S. Summer, has been an instructor at Naropa since 1995 and has taught Sanskrit there since 2000. She was also a Visiting Instructor in Classics at Colorado College, Colorado Springs, from 2005–2008. Additionally, she works regularly with the Tsadra Foundation, Shambhala Publications, and the former Snow Lion Publications, in varying capacities.

From the Heart

Naropa is a complex place, not easy to pin down, fit in a box, or capture in a sound bite. That is why I love it. 


Pre-buddhist India
Buddhism's relationship to the Sanskrit language
Buddhist textual analysis

Courses Taught


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