Lee Worley

lworley@naropa.edu | 303-546-3523

Professor Emeritus
Core Faculty


BA in Contemplative Martial Arts - Core Faculty
Performance - Core Faculty
BA in Elementary Education - Core Faculty
MA in Contemplative Education - Core Faculty


MA Religious Studies, Naropa University
MFA in Performance
Graduate: The Neighborhood Playhouse
BA English Drama, Mount Holyoke College

From the heart

I have appreciated being associated with a project that sees the whole person as the learner, that values transformative possibilities of evolving and that understands that both the relative and the absolute are necessary truths if one is to be of service to the world.

Recent publications

  • Worley, L. "Co-Creating With Space." Blum, Harrison Ed. Dancing with Dharma: Essays on Movement and Dance in Western Buddhism (McFarland and Company). 2016.
  • Brown, R., Simone, G. and Worley, L. (2015) Embodied Presence: Contemplative Teacher Education. In K. Schonert-Reichl & R. Rosier (Eds.), The Handbook of Mindfulness in Education: Emerging Theory, Research, and Programs (New York: Springer Press).
  • Worley, L. (October 2013). Mindfulness and Mudra Space Awareness Practice for Actors. Lecture and presentation at the First Annual Psycho-Physical Performance as Mindfulness Practice Conference. Huddersfield University. Huddersfield, England.
  • Worley, L. (2013). Post-modern Demons. Buddhadharma magazine. Winter.
  • Performance and Spirituality, vol.3, no. 1 "Mudra Space Awareness" Lee Worley 

Creative activity

Working on a book on Presence in Teaching

Courses taught

  • Mudra and Maitri Space Awareness
  • Presence in Teaching
  • Embodied Wisdom
  • Contemplative Teaching and Learning

What book do you find yourself regularly pressing into the hands of students?

Rebel Buddha by Ponlop Rinpoche
True Perception by Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

What does it mean to you when somebody says, “That’s so Naropa?”

It depends on who is saying it. It either means something like, "What a woo woo school" or it means "Thank goodness there's a place like this."