Lee Fife

lfife@naropa.edu | 303-641-4709

Tai Chi Chuan Concentration Lead
Adjunct Faculty


MA in Contemplative Education - Adjunct Faculty


30+ years direct instruction from master teachers in Cheng Man-ching Taijiquan (Tai Chi Chuan) lineage.
Full Lineage Authorization from Bataan Faigao and Maggie Newman (direct students of Cheng Man-ching).
BS Harvey Mudd College. Mathematics and Physics
Graduate work: UC Berkeley, High Energy Theoretical Physics

From the heart

For me, the heart of Naropa is being part of the amazing growth students go through at Naropa. It's a joy and honor to assist, support, and applaud students on their journeys.

Recent publications/work

Creative summary

My recent work involves translations of classic and recent writings on taijiquan. I'm particularly interested in clarifying the usage and meaning of specialized jargon and techniques and connecting taijiquan theory to the larger landscape of Chinese culture and thought. I also work on developing connections between traditional models of the taiji body and principles that are rooted in western scienice including anatomy, physiology, and physics.

Courses taught

  • Tai Chi Levels 2 - 8
  • Taoism
  • TRA Senior Colloquium