Lee Demi


PhD, Biology, University of Alabama
MS, Ecology and Environmental Science, University of Maine
BS, Geoenvironmental Studies, Shippensburg University

Mick is an ecologist whose primary interest is the ecological study of freshwater ecosystems, with a particular focus on how these ecosystems respond to global change. Originally from Pennsylvania, Mick has come to Colorado after he received a PhD in Biology in 2016 from the University of Alabama.

He is new to the Naropa community and looks forward to exploring the natural wonders of the Boulder area with his Field Ecology students.

Recent Publications

  • Demi, L. M.; J. P. Benstead, A. D. Rosemond and J. C. Maerz. In review. Litter P content drives consumer production in detritus-based streams an experimental N:P gradient. Submitted to Ecology, July 4, 2017.
  • Demi, L. M., K. S. Simon, D. Anderson, S. Coghlan, J. E. Saros and R. Saunders. 2015. Trophic status may influence top-down effects of anadromous alewife Alosa pseudoharengus (Actinopterygii, Clupeidae) in lakes. Hydrobiologia, 758: 47-59.
  • Benstead, J. P., J. M. Hood, N. V. Whelan, M. R. Kendrick, D. N. Nelson, A. F. Hanninen and L. M. Demi. 2014. Coupling of dietary phosphorus and growth across diverse fish taxa: a meta-analysis of experimental aquaculture studies. Ecology, 95: 2768-2777.
  • Demi, L. M., K. S. Simon, S. Coghlan, R. Saunders and D. Anderson. 2012. Anadromous alewife in linked lake-stream ecosystems: can trophic interactions in lakes influence stream communities? Freshwater Science, 31: 973-985.


Field Ecology

What's Next?

I can't wait to find out.