Julia Seko


Adjunct Faculty


BA in Creative Writing and Literature - Adjunct Faculty
MFA in Creative Writing and Poetics - Adjunct Faculty


BA, Occidental College

From the heart

The students come with open minds, ready to explore all possibilities. I am inspired by how they bring themselves so wholly and mindfully to the work they do here.  I learn as much from them as they do from me.


With the Book Arts League, a nonprofit arts organization I co-founded in 1991, I have been awarded grants from the Boulder Arts Commission, Boulder County Arts Alliance, and Lafayette Cultural Arts Commission for organizing and participating in letterpress projects that connect printers to writers and artists in the community.

Recent exhibitions

I recently participated in an exhibition and sale of posters to benefit the Englewood Depot Letterpress Museum. I also contributed to the Al-Mutanabbi Street Project, which included a group show at the Center for Book Arts in New York City.

Creative activity

I’m currently developing letterpress techniques for outreach to children and other groups. I have been working with an artist/printer to produce limited editions of her work, and as always I encourage everyone to experience the rich history and creative potential of letterpress printing. 

Courses taught

Letterpress printing

Describe a moment when you helped a student reach an “ah ha” or transformational moment.

Letterpress is a technical craft that takes a lot of effort and time before the print is finally taken off the press. That is the “ah ha” moment for many students, when they see what they can do, and a whole new world opens before them.