Jude Blitz


Adjunct Professor
Adjunct Faculty


BA in Contemplative Martial Arts - Adjunct Faculty


BA, University of Missouri
MA, Antioch University

From the heart

Every time I am on campus to teach, participate in meetings, convocation, do library research, view an art opening, a play…, I am held and nourished in our unique lineage, and by our community of solidly trained academic faculty and administrators, who themselves are practitioners of world wisdom traditions. With companions such as these in all our University’s positions, we collectively generate an atmosphere that supports the best in all aspects of learning: intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual, artistic... In addition to academic excellence, our students live and study in a learning environment of wakeful immediacy, insightful presence, compassionate attention, recognition for creativity, with people unafraid to develop deep rapport within themselves and with others.

Further education

  • World Aikido Headquarters, 5th Degree Black Belt, Tokyo,
  • Member, Sempai, Boulder Aikikai, Boulder, CO
  • Member of Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, Miyyaka City, FL
  • Member Aiki Extensions, Spotsylvania, VA