Jennifer Bacon

Associate Dean, Naropa College | Associate Professor Core Candidate, Elementary Education
Core Faculty


BA in Elementary Education - Core Faculty


Ph.D. Curriculum and Instruction, University of Maryland, College Park
M.Ed. Special Education, University of Virginia
B.A. Human Development, Mount Vernon College
Received Advanced Professional Certificate from Maryland


Jennifer N. Bacon earned her Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Maryland, College Park, and her M.Ed. in Special Education from the University of Virginia. "Dr. B" has taught preschool-age children through graduate school domestically and abroad. She has served as an associate professor and practicum coordinator in the BA in Elementary Education Program at Naropa University and is a former assistant professor of special education, special education inclusion and self-contained teacher, and special education department chairperson. In addition to her extensive experience in education, Dr. B is trained in the use of poetry therapy, spiritual guidance, and yoga; she is also an interfaith minister.

Her areas of expertise include exceptional learners, culturally responsive pedagogy, holistic education, expressive/creative arts, and literacy in global education. Dr. B is also strongly connected to African American women’s writing for empowerment, voice, social change, and spiritual expression. Deeply committed to addressing issues of overrepresentation in special education, racial and gender equity, and writing for social justice, she participates in a number of professional associations and mentoring organizations.

Recent Publications


Bacon, J.N. (2014).  Sisters of the dissertation house: A dissertation narrative. Stillwater, OK: New Forums Press. 


Bacon, J.N. (2019) Casa del Nino. Ballena Tales Magazine. 66, p. 68.

Bacon, J.N. (2017). Writing in solidarity: The lived experience of African American adolescent girls writing poetry. Journal of Poetry Therapy. 31(3) pp.1-14.   

Bacon, J.N. (2017).  A rewarding leap into the unknown. Yoga Therapy Today, 13 (3) p. 30. 

Bacon, J.N. (2016).  Using culturally responsive and inclusive poetry groups with diverse teens. Florida Reading Journal, 51 (3) pp. 18-27.  

Bacon, J.N. (2011).  Culturally responsive poetry. Journal of Poetry Therapy, 24 (1) pp.1-15.    

Lynn, M., Bacon, J. N., Totten, T., Bridges, T., & Jennings, M. (2010).  Examining teachers’ beliefs about African American students in a       low performing high school: The impact on African American males. Teachers College Record, 112 (1) pp. 289-330.  

Recently, Dr. Bacon authored the holistic children's eBook, Aleta's Feelings During the Coronavirus for young children during the pandemic.  This free digital children's book is available on Naropa's Elementary Education Program website.