Jane Carpenter

jane@naropa.edu | 303 245 4602

Associate Professor
Core Faculty


BA in Religious Studies - Core Faculty
Master of Divinity - Core Faculty
MA in Religious Studies: Contemplative Religions - Core Faculty
BA in Psychology - Core Faculty
MA in Religious Studies: Indo-Tibetan Buddhism - Core Faculty


MA, Naropa University
BA, State University of New York, Oswego

From the heart

Naropa attracts fearless and compassionate students who bring inherent curiosity to the learning environment. These curious minds and compassionate hearts create a dynamic classroom filled with powerful discussions and deep insight.

Recent Exhibits

kebana, Japanese Flower Arranging, Jonin Somu:
- Ikebana International 2015 Annual Exhibit at Denver Botanic Gardens
- Yearly Exhibitor at Sogetsu Colorado Annual Spring Show
- Ikebana Zen Demonstration, Modern Art Museum, Colorado Springs, 2013


I'm currently involved in two areas of research:
- examining the effects of mindfulness meditation on the development of compassion through quantitative data collection
- researching contemplative diversity methodologies in order to assist in developing contemplative diversity pedagogy

Courses Taught

Buddhist Psychology I: Mindfulness Meditation
Buddhist Psychology II: Awakening Compassion
Maitri: Working with Emotions
Special Topics in Psychology: Psychology Authorship
Meditation Practicum: Maitri and Mandala

What's next?

Continuing to honor Naropa's roots in contemplative pedagogy and growing vibrant curricula that meet the challenges of the modern world.