Diane Bartko


Clinical Instructor, Ranked Faculty
Core Faculty


MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Somatic Counseling Body Psychotherapy - Core Faculty
MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Somatic Counseling Dance/Movement Therapy - Core Faculty


MA Somatic Counseling Psychology, Dance/Movement Therapy, Naropa University
BIS Dance, Psychology, and Communications, University of Minnesota
Licensed Professional Counselor
Board Certified Dance/Movement Therapist
Certified Pilates Teacher, Advanced Teacher Training


Diane is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Certified Dance/ Movement Therapist.  Diane’s clinical profession spans 20 years in behavioral health and wellness facilities primarily working with adult survivors of sexual assault, dissociation, trauma and recovery, and stress management. Diane served as adjunct faculty and clinical mentor in the MA Somatic Counseling Psychology Department at Naropa from 1998 - 2014.

Diane’s theoretical orientation and clinical approach are rooted in developmental, humanistic, experiential and contemplative principles. Relational attunement, body/mind connection and self regulation are central to her work. Diane has a deep appreciation for the complex and dynamic interaction among genetic predispositions and early developmental conditioning , and how they impact current  situations and choices in life.

From the heart

We live in culture plugged-in and addicted to instantaneous, reactive forms of communication. The Naropa experience offers an alternative  approach to better connect with others’ - starting with ourselves. The contemplative education cultivates a particular kind of intelligence. An opportunity to metabolize the gaps;  the difference between  “doing” and “being,” while infusing a practice that strengthens the present moment awareness muscles. I believe that everyone who seeks out Naropa has a unique kind of smartness, and when ignited the “energy field” literally changes, they bring a different kind of alertness, enthusiasm, and perseverance and those around them benefit.  The essence of the learning process at Naropa blends responsive communication with parring down to the basic goodness of being.