Cynthia Gordon

Visiting Instructor


MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling: Transpersonal Art Therapy


PhD Sociology
MA Art Therapy
Certification in Animal-assisted psychotherapy

From the heart

I have only been teaching at Naropa for a short time, but I have found the students so very smart, thoughtful, open, and creative, with a unique ability for self-inquiry. 


  • Governor and Mrs. Herbert Lehman Art Therapy Prize 2008
  • NYU Graduate Student Scholarship, 2006-2008

Recent publications

From a former career working in public health:

  • Gordon C, Hayes R. (2012). Counting Calories: Resident Perspectives on Calorie Labeling in New York City. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior. 44, 454-458.

Creative activity summary

I recently completed my certification in Animal-Assisted Psychotherapy. As an art therapist, I produce my own art with a concentration in photography, both with aesthetic considerations, and as a path for personal reflection.

Coffee or tea?

I am a committed tea drinker. I used to have a serious coffee addiction and stopped cold turkey about 8 years ago, with all the accompanying withdrawal symptoms. Soon thereafter I was in Tanzania where they served chai tea every day. I think since then, I've continued to have chai tea on a daily basis!