Carole L.

Carole L.
Clements | 303-546-3584

Assistant Professor | Program Lead, BA Contemplative Psychology
Core Faculty


BA in Contemplative Psychology


MA, Psychology: Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology, Naropa University
MFA, Writing & Poetics: Concentration in Prose, Naropa University
BA, Political Science, Syracuse University

Areas of Specialization:

  • Contemplative Psychotherapy and Buddhist Psychology
  • Creative Writing

Carole’s passion lies in the telling of things, and it is from this passion that she teaches. Carole is creative, innovative, and probing. She is dedicated to authentic self-expression which is fluid rather than fixed, and thus always excitingly and maddeningly changing. Carole invites curiosity and discovery among her students by prompting them to enter into the unpredictable waters of intra- and interpersonal engagement, in an exploration of creative group dynamics that heralds resistance, and is ultimately transforming. Carole excavates stories that can be well-articulated, creatively crafted, and cognitively understood, but values even more the stories that are beyond conceptual understanding, yet lived in fleeting moments of immediacy. Carole is convinced that all stories are intertwined, and at the intersections the keepers of these stories—the people who live and witness them—are re-shaped into something larger, which contains and reveres the sparkly filaments for creating a more expansive and inclusive whole.