Amelia Hall

Chair, Department of Wisdom Traditions | Assistant Professor
Core Faculty


MA in Religious Studies: Yoga Studies - Core Faculty
BA in Religious Studies - Core Faculty
MA in Religious Studies: Contemplative Religions - Core Faculty
Master of Divinity - Core Faculty
MA in Religious Studies: Indo-Tibetan Buddhism - Core Faculty


PhD Tibetan and Himalayan Studies, University of Oxford
MA Tibetan and Himalayan Studies, University of Oxford
BA World Art History, University of East Anglia

From the heart

Naropa University is unique, in the past few years more and more traditional universities are seeing the value of contemplative pedagogy. Naropa has had 40 years of valuing that approach and this is one of its greatest strengths. Combining this approach with academic rigor produces some of the most well rounded students  in the country and many have gone on to be remarkable innovators in their fields of study. Another great advantage of a Naropa education is the class size, many of our students come here to escape from the anonymous 200 plus student lecture format that typifies the undergraduate experience at larger universities. Naropa reflects a style much more in keeping with the tutorial system of the great universities of Europe. This encourages a much more intellectually self-reliant kind of learning.


  • Wolfson College, University of Oxford: Fieldwork Award. 2011
  • Oriental Institute, University of Oxford: South Asian Studies Award. 2010
  • The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage: Fieldwork Award. 2010

Recent publications

  • ‘Translating Historical and Biographical Materials: Interpreting modern religious rnam thar’ Panel discussion with Dan Martin and Kurtis Schaeffer. Tsadra Foundation: Translation and Transmission conference, Keystone, CO. 2014
  • ‘Sources for the History of Buddhism in North East India’ Paper presented for the 2013 Tibetan Studies Seminar Series, Oriental Institute, University of Oxford. 2013
  • Padmasambhava and the gter ma tradition: An introduction to the rNying ma school of Tibetan Buddhism. The Middle Way, Journal of the Buddhist Society: London. Issue: May 2012.
  • Merak Lama and the Road to Tawang: A Preliminary Historical Survey of Four Tibetan Buddhist Temples in Arunachal Pradesh.
  • I.N.T.A.C.H. UK: Proceedings for the 2010 Awards, Indian Council for Cultural Affairs: London. 2011.
  • Embodying the Diamond Sow: Tantric Pilgrims in the Secret Lotus Land. In: Body Trouble: Religious Boundaries for Sex, Gender and Corporeality. Routledge: Forthcoming (2018)
  • Secrets of Ironwood Mountain: Investigating sbas yul in Arunachal Pradesh. In: Discovering Sacred Landscapes in Tibet and the Himalayas. Asian Highland Perspectives, Volume 44. Forthcoming (2018)
  • The myths and legends of Tibetan treasure revealers. In: Brill’s Encyclopedia of Buddhism. Forthcoming (2018) Brill: Leiden.
  • Tibetan Buddhisms in Diaspora. In : The Oxford Encyclopedia of Buddhism. Oxford University Press: Oxford. Forthcoming (2019).
    The Illusive Play (’Khrul ba’i rol rtsed): The autobiography of the Fifth Dalai Lama (1617-1682). Serindia Publications: Chicago. (ed. with P. Booz) Karmay, Samten G. 2014.

Research/creative activity

Dr. Hall is the Director of Research for the Naksang Foundation an organisation focused on research projects and cultural exchange in remote areas of North East India. She has been traveling and conducting research in the eastern Himalayas for the last 10 years. Current projects focus on the translation and study of biographies, historical texts and maps relating to the spread of Buddhism from Tibet and Bhutan to Arunachal Pradesh, North East India.

Dr. Hall is a co - developer of an annual conference titled 'Wisdom Rising : An Exploration of the Divine Feminine in Buddhism' at Shambhala Mountain Center in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado.

2016 -2019
Awarded a Fellowship for the Collection of Oral Literature and Traditional Ecological Knowledge by the Firebird Foundation for Anthropological Research. 

Co-developed the 2nd Annual Wisdom Rising program at Shambhala Mountain Center , Red Feather Lakes, CO August 17th -21st 2016. The program included as keynote speakers: Rev. angel Kyodo williams, Venerable Karma Lekshe Tsomo, and Elizabeth Mattis Namgyal.


Making Amends: A Ritual of Reparation to the Nāgas of Pachakshiri at Himalayan Studies Conference V September 1-4, 2017 at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Presenter at the First International Chöd-Zhije Conference: The Lineage of Machig Labdrön & Padampa Sangye. July 18-23, 2017. Tara Mandala, Pagosa Springs, CO.

The Lotsawa Translation Workshop October 5-8th, 2018, at the University of Colorado Boulder with the generous support of the Tsadra Foundation.
Translation Theory & Practice: Criteria for Beauty & Readability - Andrew Schelling & Amelia Hall

Courses taught

  • REL 150 Buddhist Journey of Transformation: An Introduction
  • REL 349 Tibetan Buddhism: Inside the MystiqueREL751 Buddhism in Tibet
  • REL 611 The First Turning of the Wheel: Nature of Mind and Emotions
  • REL 645 Methods and Issues in the Study of Religion
  • REL 710 The Third Turning of the Wheel: Yogācāra and Buddha Nature
  • Tibetan Language
  • Online MA in Buddhist Studies

What book do you find yourself regularly pressing into the hands of students?

What Makes You Not a Buddhist - Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse

What's next?

"Ordinarily we suppose that there is an independently existing entity which we call time. We speak of time past, present and future. However when we look more closely we see that this is...merely a convention."  - The Essential Dalai Lama: His Important Teachings.