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Dreaming for Our Lives – An Afrofuturist & Astrological Pop-Up Festival

April 9 @ 11:30 am - April 12 @ 8:00 pm

Can we contact the past through the present? What elements of the present are our future selves asking us to reshape? In this 4-day series of events, we’ll explore stories about the future and how we might reimagine them. Celebrating Black imagination, astrology, poetry, embodiment, and arts, we will enter a “myth-ritual“ in honor of the special cosmic alignment of Jupiter and Neptune, which is said to have the power to define a generation.


Facilitated by local and national Black creatives and allies, astrologers, therapists, activists, and artists.

Beings across the melanin spectrum welcome*

Sponsored by Naropa University’s Interdisciplinary Studies Department, The Office of Mission, Culture and Inclusive Community, and in partnership with Embodied Astrology.


Saturday, April 9th

Invocating a Community of Ancestors and Imaginations

WORD, WOMB, WATER || {{{Written Alchemy}}}  –The Poetics of the Divine Intergalactic Mother Africa Frequency w/ Jaguar Womban and Giselle Buchanan

  • 12:00- 2:30pm
  • Location: Lincoln Hall, Arapahoe Campus
  • Suggested contribution: $5-$35 – Register here

Open Mic- The Black Dreaming Body and other Ethno-Cosmogonies featuring Jaguar Womban & Giselle Buchanan 

  • 3:00- 5:30pm MST
  • Location: Lincoln Hall, Arapahoe Campus
  • Register here

An open mic voicespace and echo-chamber free to community. Share work evoking the cosmic, celestial, fluid, emotional, expansive, radical, or celebratory. Or just come as you are. Featured performances by poetic geniuses from both coasts, Jaguar Womban and Giselle Buchanan.

Sunday, April 10th: Theme: Underwater Breathin’

Water Consciousness & Yemaya  w/ Michelle Chapman  

Primordial and intergalactic, she is called Big Momma and the Mother of All Orisha. From the cloud of water vapor in space to the water at the core of the Earth to the water in every bodily cell, we simply cannot exist without water! Join this honoring and celebration of the Yoruba water deity, Yemonja, with stories, song, and a cleansing ritual with Iya Omo Olufina (Dr. Michelle Chapman). Bring a small vessel of water (cup, bottle, or bowl) for this time of respite and reconnection with the giver of life and mother of us all!

Eulogy Practice – w/ Kadie Smiles 

  • 10:00pm- 1:00pm
  • Location: Nalanda 9184
  • Suggested contribution: $5-$35 – Register here

This workshop is in preparation for the Jupiter Neptune conjunction in Pisces on April 12. This conjunction sextiles Pluto in Capricorn. I’m looking at Jupiter as a planet of expansion and a catalyst for growth. I’m thinking about Neptune as the ruler of water and its associations with dissolvement. The sextile with Pluto lending a shoulder/reminder to witness large structures fall and/or prepare for regeneration.  For some, this moment might amplify moments or memories of loss (be it tangible or ambiguous), and I’m hoping each week we can hold this loss in new ways. Eulogies are a great way to sit with what’s been lost. During the workshop, I will offer a grounding meditation. Lead you through a listening space. Offer a writing prompt, where you’ll prepare your eulogy of the day. Then we’ll share the eulogies we’ve created. I hope that tears shed will act as water and nutrients for the seeds planted for Aries Season.

Participants: please bring blankets, pillows, or any other items you use to ground; writing materials; picture, trinket, etc that reminds of you someone or something that’s been lost. Flowers are always welcome!

**Disclaimer: This workshop is intended to bring up emotional responses. Per @jasminehearncollaborates grieving is not to be done alone. So I am inviting you to come and grieve with me and the other participants in the space. Given that this is a deeply spiritual practice, the framework is emerging and subject to change should the needs in the space shift.

Eco-poetics Communal Arts and Installation w/ Ana Anu 

  • 1:00-3:30pm
  • Location: Naropa Green – Arapahoe Campus/Sycamore Hall
  • Register here

Black Atlantis: A Communal Arts and Dance Party – Featuring Music by Treneti

  • 5:30-9:00pm
  • Location: Performing Arts Center- Arapahoe Campus
  • Suggested contribution: $5-$35 – REGISTER HERE

Immersive imagination and communal creativity. Come costumed in ethnofuturist garb, Afro-Atlantean, Afropunk, steam-funk, eco-funk, sci-fi, neon cabaret, zoot suit, or come as you are. Aquatic soundscapes, boogie, telepathic games, and zine-making.

Adoptgenic, non-alcoholic refreshments and libations provided.

Monday, April 11th: Letting In and Letting Go- For the Generations

Know Your Water- Equity, Agriculture and Colorado Water Planning w/ FrontLine Farming, FLOWS and the Acequia Institute 

This recording brings together Colorado food autonomy and farmer advocacy visionary activists to discuss ecological, alternative, and just methods of water stewardship and management, with real-time discussion to follow.

Eco-poetics Communal Arts and Installation w/ Ana Anu

  • 3:30-5:00 pm
  • Location: Naropa Green- Arapahoe Campus/Sycamore Hall
  • Register here

Dream Body- w/ Renee Sills

  • 6:00-9:00pm
  • Location: Nalanda 9184 – Suggested contribution $5-$35 – Register here

In this workshop, we’ll explore Pisces’ placements in our birth charts and engage a simple yet powerful practice of glandular stimulation and alignment that supports endocrine balance, emotional regulation, and the expansion of subtle body awareness into psychic and dream realms.

April 12th- Tuesday: Anchoring Fresh Timelines & Releasing the Waters

Morning Meditation & Conjunction Charting Reading  w/ Renee Sills

  • 6:30- 8:30am
  • Ramon Gabrieloff- Parish, Montique Connelly and Kadie Smiles
  • Location: Zoom – Register here

Join us for an early morning of stillness and attunement at the moment of the Jupiter Neptune conjunction. Then tune in for a tea time chart reading cypher and conversation.

Retrocausality, Temporal Resonance & Epigenetic Healing w/ Regina Smith, Michelle and Ramon Gabrieloff-Parish

  • 12:00 -2:00pm
  • Location: Naropa Green, Arapahoe Campus – Register here

Extending our sense of community across time, with visualization, art, and meditation we will reach past and futures selves, to the ancestors and generations of tomorrow to repair the past and establish new timelines in the present. Bring journals, watercolors, cushions, and blankets. Deep Sankofa!

“Becoming Water: A Voyage Into the Liquid Gold of Dissolution” w/ Desiree Mwalimu-Banks

Water lives in both the seen and unseen worlds as the universal solvent. What can the physical and metaphysical qualities of water teach us about rebirthing ourselves in places of suffering? Dissolution sits between two worlds: the world of death and the world of rebirth. Dissolution involves being dissolved; the one becomes broken up into the many. In the messiness of this reality, we are invited to re-member what is most essential in ourselves, as we walk the labyrinth of our return from the center back out into the world.

In this workshop, we explore dissolution through two short experimental films, Rebirth of the Waters: Embodied Transformation for the New Sap Moon (runs 11:44), and Dusk for Room of Dissolution in the 20/20 Vision Rites of Passage Project (runs 8:23). We will share reflections on these conversations through our zoom protozoa and a live digital canvas. Headphones, voice-recorders, journals, color-makers, and additional transmission devices of your choosing are welcome and optional. Movement, as best moisturizes your body, also highly encouraged.

Living Astrological Mandala Ritual- w/Ramon Gabrieloff Parish

  • 5:30-7:00pm
  • Location: Naropa Green, Arapahoe Campus
  • Register here

We’ll create a real-time, embodied reflection of the planets and constellations, decoding the heavens and grounding in the earth with spontaneous theater, dance, costume, and ecstatic ritual. Bring musical instruments, singing voices, and the magic of attention.

Watering Communal Imagination: Libation Ceremony & Rites of Closure w/ Montique Connelly

  • 7:00-8:00pm
  • Location: Boulder Creek, near Naropa, Arapahoe Campus
  • Register here

Inspired by traditional African and African American rituals of libations and purification we will tend to our watery natures, releasing wishes, intentions, sorrows, and prayers for beauty, justice, and community for the new century into the Boulder watershed and into the bloodstream of the world. Wade in the water with us.


April 9 @ 11:30 am
April 12 @ 8:00 pm


Naropa University
2130 Arapahoe Ave
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