COVID Fall Guidelines

Naropa University’s intent is to begin in-person instruction for the fall semester of 2020, in a way that maximizes health and safety and minimizes risks. We are confident that this can be done while continuing to uphold a rich and comprehensive academic experience and the depth of community Naropa is known for.  Please note that our dual goals are to do everything we can to maintain your health and also to move towards a return to the fully robust Naropa experience to which we aspire.

Be assured we will be adjusting and enhancing our response as local, state and federal agencies provide the latest guidance and information. You can always find the latest information as it relates to Naropa University’s COVID-19 response by visiting this page, and you can email any specific questions to

While we are actively preparing and planning for a safe return to campus, here are some COVID-19 readiness practices you may experience upon arrival on campus:

  • Ability to transition seamlessly between online and in person teaching, including hyflex (where in person learning allows for simultaneous participation online for students with unique needs) or hybrid models of delivery which combine some online classes with some in person work.
  • An appropriate limit to the number of people permitted in a classroom at a time with recommended social distancing.
  • Reduce the overall number of students, faculty and staff on campus through such means as staggered class times, offering some courses online, supporting some staff to continue to work remotely etc.)
  • Temperature checks, masks, higher sanitation
  • Coordination with Boulder Community Hospital and other providers for access to testing and contact tracing as needed.
  • Travel restrictions between campuses, some closed communal spaces and limitation of campus access to guests, enforced social distancing or social distancing expectations.
  • Some events and small gatherings may be permitted.

As the COVID-19 pandemic disrupts nearly every aspect of our lives, it is becoming clearer that the things Naropa has always valued—compassion, mindfulness, social activism—are the critical tools needed to address this crisis with integrity. We are committed to supporting your academic and personal journey without the need to delay or defer. For returning students that means allowing you to continue your engagement with our faculty and your student colleagues and to move toward graduation. For incoming students our faculty and staff have worked very hard to honor the commitment that you have made to become part of the Naropa community.