A TASTE OF GIN: issue four

curated by Marie Conlan, Bombay Gin’s Web Co-Editor, Poetry Co-Editor, 2015

Featuring work by: Sally Lawton, Eva Carlini, Samy Sabh, and Spencer Hendrixson

A Taste of Gin Online Editorial Feature

Each month (or so) Bombay Gin Literary Journal presents an online feature by one of our editorial board members. We call this: “A Taste of Gin.” These tastes give us, as editors, the opportunity to share our individual artistic and aesthetic visions. We split our Bombay Gin third-mind temporarily in order to show you the nuances, quirks, and concerns we, as an editorial board, comprise. We hope you enjoy these future tastings.

A TASTE OF GIN: issue four

EACH OF THESE featured artists either hail from the city of Chicago, or have spent a significant time creating art within it, and it is by way of Chicago I have come to know and appreciate not only these artists and the work they create, but their dedication to ingenuity, to create beyond the confines of a single medium, to push their artistry into a motley of poetry, film, sculpture, painting, and music. This merging of young writers, artists, and musicians create a collection of art born from all different muses, devised with various mediums, their artistic perspectives burgeoning in novel directions.

I hope you enjoy,

{Marie Conlan}


EVA CARLINI is a 24 year old artist from the suburbs of Chicago. She has studied painting, sculpture, and design at Drake University, DePaul University, the Harvard University summer program, and SAIC. She eventually left school to pursue her art career, and is currently working with Gregg Lane Art Management in Chicago to create custom pieces for Chicago Gold Coast residents. Her work can be found on instagram @art__eva .

SPENCER HENDRIXSON hails from Chicago. His work has appeared in MAKE, the Rumpus, and Word Riot.

SAMY SABH is an Egyptian/Irish artist based in Chicago. He is currently enrolled an an Interdisciplinary Arts graduate student at Columbia College.

SALLY LAWTON is a moving image artist in Chicago. She makes work about her family and the fluctuating economy mostly. She is interested in repurposement after the failure of originality and the confinement of old cameras. She is currently working on an artist run television website, Sincerely TV. She curates a monthly experimental documentary series, Run of Life.


eva eye painting 1

I create these images on canvas using acrylic paint, spray paint, water, and oil paint. My sculptures are made with individually hand-cut paper, plaster, and paint.

In many of my pieces, the involvement of dark and light conveys both conflict and resolution. Everyone experiences struggle, however, seeing the light in any circumstance is crucial in maintaining a positive outlook and forward movement.

eva painting 6. JPG

After years of painting and sculpting, I have learned to let go of my inhibitions during the creative process in order to allow the most natural and true expression.  A refusal to set goals or plan my work ahead of time eliminates boundaries. Because of this, I have learned so many things by accident.

eva sculpture 2

What I enjoy most about sharing my art, is hearing outside perspectives–what individuals see when they view my work. Like clouds, a viewer interprets the image based on imagination.

eva painting 5


hendrixson dogwood

hendrixson silver tongued

hold your mop hendrixson


My art is mostly based in words, however, building environments for my words to exist in has sprouted as a new found passion of mine. My stage name is Samy.Language, a name given to me by my mother, and I am one half of an alternative pop/rap outfit here in Chicago called BoneLang (Samy.Language x Matt Bones). We aim to release our debut full-length, ‘Venn Diagrams’, in 2016.



sabh oj


california psych

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bad credit good moms

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