Tanya Vallianos


tanya@arthorseshealing.com | 970-420-9504

Inner Sun Healing Arts Studio & Art, Horses, Healing
201 S. College Avenue No.207
Fort Collins, CO 80524

*Also an office in Boulder. My experience with the individuals that come to counsel with me is that they are creative, courageous and resourceful beings that happen to be going through challenging life events. I see my place in their lives as a guide in helping them identify what is keeping them from moving forward thus allowing them to engage more fully with life. From my perspective, the therapeutic process is co-creative. It is this dance between therapist and client – the ability to bring understanding, safety, and honesty into the relationship, as well as to integrate a holistic perspective that honors all aspects of beingness and helps to enable an individual to willfully move towards health and well being. As a licensed professional counselor and registered art therapist, I have counseled individuals and groups of all ages for over 10 years. I have expertise in the integration of art therapy and standard talk therapy with other experiential therapies: mindfulness practices, cognitive-behavioral therapy, visualization techniques, EMDR, Somatic Experiencing as well as equine-assisted counseling. I specialize in counseling individuals with: complex PTSD, depression and anxiety disorders, addictive behaviors, chronic illness and pain, phobias, body image disorders, women specific issues, and a history of abuse and domestic violence. Because I am a believer in focusing on each individual’s innate strengths, often clients’ are able to move more quickly through therapy feeling greatly resourced. They have an ability to trust in their own inner guidance, be more self-aware, be more readily able to problem-solve, and generally experience greater self-worth and self-confidence. It gives me great pleasure to witness the power within each individual to choose to live from this place of authentic inner wisdom and strength.