Susannah Weiler

L.Ac., CMT | 831-464-1605

West Coast Vital Health
4170 Gross Road Ext. Suite 6
Capitola, California 95010

As a practitioner of Chinese Medicine, my approach to wellness is rooted in ancient principals, natural healing and preventative medicine. I support the belief that personal health is reflected within emotional, physical, and spiritual levels and respect each individual's unique path to wellbeing. Through combining the two thousand year old diagnostic and treatment tools of Chinese Medicine with modern scientific study, I offer comprehensive healthcare in Capitola, CA and surrounding cities.

Areas of expertise include acupuncture, herbal medicine and therapeutic massage. Whether used as primary health support or conjunct care alongside conventional or alternative medicine, these approaches encourage balance and vitality within the individual as a whole. 

My intention is to support the growing need for complementary medicine by providing patients with the highest level of care. My hope is to not only be a resource through which healing can occur, but also to empower the personal responsibility of health in all those seeking to improve their lives.