Shelly Froehlich

MA | 303-668-7255

Evolve In Nature
1637 28th St.
Boulder, CO 80302

Evolve In Nature offers individual, couples and group therapy sessions. As the primary psychotherapist I, Shelly Froehlich, utilize traditional psychotherapy modalities along with nature-based therapy to achieve healing. Sessions can take place indoors at the office or outdoors, whether it be sitting alongside a river bed, walking a forest trail, or climbing a rock wall. An individual’s goals, duration of therapy, and intensity of a session are determined during the initial consultation.

Together we will explore and identify your therapeutic goals. This is often a vulnerable process and is something I approach with an awareness and care for your experience by taking time to hear your needs, understand your perspective, and create sessions focused on your specific desires. From this place of openness, I will support your healing and change process by using an integrated approach of some of the following therapies: body-centered therapy, mindfulness, psychological education, nature-based therapy and EMDR therapy. Additionally, we will explore the effectiveness of nature-based interventions, connect actions to outcomes, cultivate a practice of self examination, and learn strategies and tools to address experiences and relationships. My intentions as the therapist are to support you in a meaningful way through your healing and evolutionary process so that you might experience a greater level of happiness, purpose and fulfillment.