Sally Bonkrude

MA, LPC, MT-BC | (303) 717-9580

Positive Innerchange
2305 East Arapahoe Rd, Suite 242
Centennial, CO 80121

Sally is a Licensed Professional Counselor that uses a unique blend of therapeutic methods and specializes in working with anxiety, free and depression. At the core of her techniques is Internal Family Systems. Richard Schwartz, PhD, the founder of Internal Family Systems says, "The aspect of the IFS Model that differentiates it most significantly from other models is the belief that, in addition to parts, everyone is at their core a Self. The Self has leadership and healing qualities - perspective, confidence, compassion and acceptance - crucial to our highest, most harmonious functioning. Patiently being with clients from the deepest core of ourselves is the most important resource we have to offer." Sally also is a Certified Advanced Gestalt Therapy and uses it as the basis for her blended therapeutic model. Gary Yontef, Ph.D. writes, "The Gestalt therapy notion is that awareness (including owning, choice, and responsibility) and contact bring natural and spontaneous change. Forced change is an attempt to actualize an image rather than to actualize the self. With awareness self-acceptance, and the right to exist as is, the organism can grow." Within the therapeutic process you will learn to be your own therapist by working with your inner parts and discovering your inner leadership of Self. Sally is also a board certified music therapy and often uses music, movement and breath in her work with clients. Creative, open and compassionate, Sally offers a space for clients to journey within and discover themselves, allowing possibilites for Positive Inner Change.