Michelle Weldon


integraltherapeutics@gmail.com | 303.807.4631

Integral Therapeutics and Counseling Services, LLC

Boulder, Boulder Mountains and Denver, CO

Integral Therapeutics and Counseling Services, LLC is a collaboration between body centered psychotherapy and the deep healing of tantric vinyasa yoga/anusara yoga principles. Through movement and breath, trauma energy and energy blocks (manifested as Anxiety, Depression, Anger, Attachment, Relational challenges, Fatigue, ADHD...) are moved out of the body while a contemplative psychotherapy practice facilitates the cognitive processes needed to deepen self awareness and actualize growth in everyday life. Michelle draws upon training in Western Biomedical Neuropsychology, Eastern contemplative and energetic healing and yoga therapy to help clients align themselves to their optimum experience in everyday life. Please visit http:/heartofthemindyoga.com for contact information and investment pricing.